Maestro David Jones
Maestro David Jones

The Voice Teacher

Here's what Professionals and Students
are Saying about the Technique

  Shirley Verrett

David Jones is one of only three persons of my acquaintance whom I can highly recommend as a teacher of voice.
He has an impressive knowledge and explains vocal technique in a very clear and direct way. Yes, he uses imagery where necessary, but his teaching is based on understandable language which can be understood even by fledglings.
I have never asked him a question which he could not answer in a very few words. His exercises "hit the mark."
We need, desperately, more David Joneses in the field of vocal pedagogy.

Shirley Verrett, International and Metropolitan Opera Singer, Concert Singer, Voice Faculty - University of Michigan.


Sandra WarfieldI have studied with David Jones in my later career in Cabaret and I have found the work incredibly valuable. I think that my husband, James McCracken, would have enjoyed hearing these ideas.

Sandra Warfield, Mezzo-Soprano: Zurick Opera, Vienna Staatsoper, Metropolitan Opera


When I met David Jones, my voice was going through a period of change which initiallyfrightened me. The exercises he taught gave me a renewed sense of confidence and more important, the joy returned to my singing! I learned to feel and understand what my voice was telling me and how to use the exercises as a blueprint to follow where it was leading me. I also learned to immediately identify and correct potential problem areas by retraining my muscle responses. I now have a specific set of tools to call on at will, as well as a deeper, more intimate knowledge of the inner workings of my instrument. The greatest gift I received from David Jones' technique has been the confidence and knowledge to become my own teacher!

Janet Williams, Lyric-Coloratura Soprano, International Opera and Concert Singer: Berlin Staatsoper, Paris Opera, Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera


Zehava Gal
Mr. Jones
has taught me how to reach a much higher level of a true, conscious, and intelligent understanding of vocal technique. Something no one I have ever met before has ever succeeded in reaching with such honesty, warmth and kind giving. Here is a true and unique voice builder and I only wish I had met him at an earlier stage of my career.

Zehava Gal, Mezzo Soprano: Paris Opera, Covent Garde,/ La Scala Opera, Nederlandse Operastichting, Israeli Chamber Orchestra
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Alexandra HuntI found David Jones in the latter part of my own singing career. Working with him greatly changed my singing and is now enabling me to successfully teach other singers, following this Old World technique. His knowledge as well as his truly acute intuition make him the ideal vocal teacher in my opinion.

Alexandra Hunt, Soprano: La Scala, Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera


David Jones teaches a tried and true vocal technique which combines principles of the Italian School with that of Swedish studios which produced such singers as Bjoerling and Flagstad. It stretches the vocal range, blends the registers, and helps to produce a well-balanced, resonant and focused tone quality.

Mr. Jones presented an outstanding master class for all our university vocal students. His comments were not only appropriate, helpful and encouraging but inspiring and enjoyable for students and teachers alike.

Dr. Barbara Mathis, Ph.D., Lamar University


David Jones is an admired colleague for whom I have the greatest respect. His knowledge of vocal technique, his creative ideas which provide growing experiences and promotional opportunities for singers, and his energetic, warm, and generous personality add up to an ideal voice teacher.

Dr. Evelyn Reynolds, Operatic and Concert singer, Artist Faculty at the University of Illinois; Professor of Voice, Concordia College, New York


David Jones has a true and deep knowledge of authentic Old World vocal training. He possesses the confidence and ability to execute these concepts with ease, clarity, and professionalism.

Donald Miller, Voice Scientist, University of Groningen Hospital, Groningen, The Netherlands


Katherine Lakoski
David Jones
teaches a "mountain moving" vocal technique in a loving and supportive manner.

Katherine Lakoski, Dramatic Soprano: Spoleto Festival, Juilliard
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When I found I was a 29 year-old tenor teaching voice to beginners in Minnesota. I had earned a Master’s Degree in voice but didn’t have sufficient skills to negotiate the tenor repertoire. I had given up lessons, and was searching for a teacher who could teach me what I needed to learn. Because of my admiration for Jussi Björling, I was immediately drawn to David Jones’ writing. After nearly a year of reading his articles and corresponding over e-mail, I made the trek to New York for a week of lessons. That week confirmed what I had suspected about David Jones from our correspondence, he had what I was looking for. A school of training that covered all of the bases. Over the course of six months I made three week long trips for lessons, finally deciding to move to New York with my wife one week before Sept. 11, 2001. The two years since have been much more challenging than we could have foreseen, but very worth it thanks to David’s generosity as a teacher. What I have learned, thanks to David Jones, has changed my teaching, my singing, and ultimately my life.

Michael J. Mayer M.M., Singer/Voice Instructor
Michael Mayer Website:


Nathan HullWhen I came to David Jones, I was a Musical Comedy singer with a good belt trying to sing operetta. Through careful application of his technique, David was able to open up the top end of my voice. The work with the Cuperto was especially helpful in helping to find the height in the voice. The end result is that I am now being hired to sing Figaro and Marcello. After years of seeking a voice teacher and a technique which would work for me, I have at last found a home!

Nathan Hull, Baritone, Equity Actor, Stage Director, Lyricist, Teacher
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David Jones is an extraordinary teacher. I have worked with him for most of my adult life, and together we have built my instrument from the ground up. Singing is such a personal and sensuous art form, mined from deep inside the body. I want to have freedom and a diversity of expression to draw upon. David's technique has given me an extraordinary range of color, texture and timbres to call upon in my work. I feel that the voice needs to function as a revelatory tool - I want to be unique in my expression, and in David's studio all the singers are encouraged to claim their own sound. I owe David a deep debt of gratitude for my sound and my vocal health. What a joy it is to continue to be his devoted student!

Nora York, Jazz Singer - To Dream the World (Evidence) -
Alchemy (Polystar, Japan)
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David Jones is nothing short of a miracle worker! When I began to study with David, what I previously thought was my indestructible three and a half octave range had been reduced to little over an octave from misuse. I had swelling on my vocal cord, residual swelling on the other cord, broken blood vessels and a pre-polypoid swelling. Over the course of the following several years, David not only gently taught me how to repair my damaged vocal cords (with the cuperto exercise, among others), he re-taught me how to sing correctly by opening and stretching my vocal structure and in turn, my voice. His knowledge is practically that of a doctor in terms of knowing and understanding the vocal apparatus and it's workings. As a teacher, he is constantly growing and learning more himself, which in turn, creates more knowledge that his students can glean. In the past ten years of studying with David, I have not only restored my range, I have witnessed my voice continue to become richer, rounder, fuller, more flexible, more resilient, and STRONGER. I can honestly say that the older I get, the better my voice sounds and the better my voice is - And I not longer fear that I will ever get into the vocal problems that I once had. I am a student of David Jones for life!

Sarah Krieger, Recording Artist, Teacher, Voice-over Professional