The David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program was established in London in 2008 to offer teachers and singers information about the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools. The purpose of the seminar series is to offer teachers the opportunity to observe technical teaching in a public setting, including concepts based on Old World teaching principles. Specific subject matter is covered in each teacher training seminar. It can include such subject matter as (1) working with dramatic voices, (2) how to hear vocal damage, (3) training tenor voices, (4) problem-solving in the female lower passage, (5) accomplishing acoustical balance in pharyngeal vowel formation, (6) breath and breath management, (7) finding correct posture, (8) jaw/larynx function in pronunciation of text, (9) application of technique to repertoire, and (10) finding balance in registration.

     A Voice Lesson

Available again for download!!

After an interruption do to the pandemic, David Jones' CD is available once more for download!
An introductory double CD voice lesson with David Jones uses the training of the Swedish/Italian and Italian Schools for all styles of singing. This CD has helped teachers and singers to develop a vocal protection, in all styles of singing. The first CD is designed to describe vocal concepts that have historically helped structure international careers and has served as the basis for vocal health over decades. The second CD includes a series of exercises specifically designed to help each singer accomplish head voice development, fullness of resonance, registration balance, breath coordination, and more total voice potential.

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This exciting new book by David Jones is a vocal pedagogy document which includes Old World concepts as taught in the Old Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools. It includes in-depth descriptions of concepts used in establishing healthy vocal technique, including vocal exercises used over the last 100 years. "A Modern Guide to Old World Singing" is designed to be both a text book and a friendly user's manual, using simple language to explain Old World vocal training.

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