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 "Protecting Children's Voices"

"Dangers of Under-Singing the Large or Dramatic Voices"
      "An Afternoon with Enrico Caruso"
   "Career Crisis Intervention and the Opera Singer"
    "Is High Light Singing Always Healthy?"
   "The Effects of Intention on Vocal Timbre"
    "Understanding the Vocal Weight Factor in Singing"
    "Training the Contralto Voice"

  "Characteristics of the Leggiero Tenor"

"Nasality in the Tenor Voice"

"Understanding the Helden Tenor "

"Striving for Balance in Teaching Singing"

"Vocal Training of the Bass Singer "

"Self-Supervision and the Singer"

"Male Voice Protection"

"Alternative Medicine"

"Vocalizing Through Menopause"

"Renee Fleming"

"The Danger of Singing Heavy Repertoire
       with a Lyric Voice"

"The Maturing Dramatic Soprano Voice

  "Taking a Professional Coaching and
         Protecting Your Voice"

 "Specific Issues Concerning the
       Professional Baroque Singer"

 "Finding a Good Voice Teacher"

  "Understanding the Whistle Register"

 "Saving A Voice Teacher's Energy"

 "The Dangers of the Flat or Retracted Tongue"

"The Counter Tenor: Vocal Issues and Answers"

"The Right of Entitlement Singer vs.
     The Professional Mind"

"Acoustical Deception in Singing Onstage"

"Flagstad & Garcia's 'Coup de Glotte'"
"Working with Diplophonia"
Damaging Vocal Techniques
Master Teaching: The Lost Art
Artistry of Jussi Bjoerling
How to Vocalize a Choir and Keep Vocal Health
Female Lower Passaggio
Dramatic Voices
Applying Technique to Repertoire
Psychological Abuse
Legato Line
Lower Voice or Higher?
Understanding Vibrato
Achieving Balance in the "Ah" Vowel
Understanding and Solving Problems in the Middle Register
The Shaking Jaw and Tongue
The Vocal "Wobble": Causes and Solutions
Singing Dramatically without Pushing the Voice
Vocal Acoustics in the Theater
Recuperating Damaged Voices
The Attack or Onset of Sound
Vennard & Lindquest
Breath and Support
Breath Management
Psychological Hints for Teaching Singing
The Passaggio
The Cuperto

Past Guest Article

 "Singers, Let's Prevent Vocal Problems!"
     by Guest Writer, Dr. Barbara Mathis, Professor of Music, Lamar University


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